JadeYoga Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in the JadeYoga Ambassador Program. Through this program we hope to build community and make connections - working together to help us help your practice and help make the world a little better place. JadeYoga would not exist without yogis who are passionate about our mats and our company philosophy. We appreciate your input, support and ideas. The Jade Ambassador Program is designed for professional yoga teachers and students.

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Jade Pro Ambassadors

Ashley Battersby

The Shop, Park City, Utah

Olympic Freeskier


Studio: Virv, Steamboat Springs

Style: Vin/Sculpt

Teaching Philosophy: My passion is to connect with each person individually where they are, guide them to reach their goals, facilitate growth of a deep inner sense of joy and peace.

Gabrielle De Burke

Studio: Dragon Spirit Arts, Lansdowne

Style: Fusion of Taoist & Vinyasa Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: I work to inspire my all my students to honor limitations, while challenging them at the appropriate level to be in the present moments of their practice. While I am teaching, I believe that I am always going to be learning from my students and life, as it unfolds. I do not believe that because I have teaching certifications or the ability to facilitate teacher training certification programs as an ERYT 200 that my learning is over, so I keep training with insightful teachers so that I may continue to develop the ability to inspire students.

Melissa Corwin

Studio: Atmananda Yoga NYC

Style: Power Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Someone very wise once told me: It's my yoga practice, not my yoga perfect. So I'm passing along the message.

Caroline Gronowski

Studio: Yoga Bliss, Akron OH

Style: Hot Power Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My joyful and energetic classes provide an opportunity for students to come up to their edge and grow in their practice. My students have taught me that the most authentic yogi in the room may be the one who was in child's pose for most of the class. My student's and my practice have taught me to withhold judgment and assume the best in every situation.

Wendy Melville

Studio: Wendy's Gentle Yoga, 1050 Grandview Street North Oshawa. TruBliss, Courtice and also Glow Yoga, Whitby

Style: Hatha, Restorative, Therapuetic

Teaching Philosophy: Everyone can practice yoga. All you need to do is breathe and get to class.

Paula Tapia

Studio: Samata Yoga International in Marina Del Ray, Yoga Works in Santa Monica

Style: Yoga Therapy

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is about cultivating a better relationship with ourselves, our life and with others. As a yoga therapist, my goal is to adapt the practice and the teachings to the individual to empower and progress collectively towards improved health and well being.

Audra Wick

Studio: Movement Center Pewaukee

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga keeps me sane and joyful. I teach to others ability levels in order for them to one day reach and find what I have found from yoga. I love you and that is all there is to it. I want to share my love with the world and hope they find what I have.

Rachel Wilson

Studio: Om My Yoga, Camp Hill, PA

Style: Vinyasa, Aerial and Acro Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that yoga is for everyone and my job as a teacher is to give them the options and coaching they need to empower and inspire them to keep the practice. I often tell people that if they say they don't like yoga, they just haven't found the right style or teacher for them, or haven't taken enough classes.

Katie Campbell

Studio: Down Under Yoga Boston

Style: blended style of Kripalu Yoga with Samudra school's Prana Flow Yoga founded by Shiva Rea

Teaching Philosophy: My classes are designed not only to nourish & inspire each individual student's potential, but also allow the student to find their edge in a healthy, life-affirming way.

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Sandy Bechard

Studio: Greener Postures Yoga (GPY)

Style: Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: I teach under my own LLC Bonafide Yoga. Bonafide meaning tried and true, words I try to live by.

Katie Collins

Studio: Estudio, Latham NY

Style:  Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Smile and breath!. I love helping my students develop their passion about yoga but will often remind them to not take it so serious! In a world of competition, yoga is found to serve yourself so that you may serve others more patiently and peacefully.

Patty Dobson

Studio: Allum Community Centre (Elstree & Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England)

Style: Hatha Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: There’s a yoga practice for everyone. My intention in every class is to be of use to my students and hold the space for them, providing a supportive, compassionate, lighthearted environment in which they can explore their own organic experiences and reconnect with their inner wisdom.

Fernanda Grisetti

Studio: Spirit Studio, Basel, Switzerland

Style: Yin and Vinyasa
Teaching Philosophy: As a yoga teacher, I recognize that yoga is a life-long practice, not a destination, and as such, I view my role as a guide for students to delve inward and connect to their deep center. My personal practice is inspired daily by my husband, son, and dog, who remind me every day what it means to live a life full of love and joy.

Elaine Vancoughnett

Studio: Perfect Balance, Prince Albert

Style: Core Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is the key to happiness and acceptance to whatever life has to offer with grace. It provides balance in everyone's life.

Nadine McNeil

Studios: Yoga on Montrose, Afya Yoga Studio, Core Fitness, Jamaica Yoga Association

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy:  Whenever students inquire as to the level of my classes; i.e., whether or not they are beginners, I choose to remind them that each time we step on the mat, we are always at the beginning. Each experience is a new one, that provides an opportunity to re-discover whom we already are, intrinsically.

Julie Bergfeld

Studio: Metro Power Yoga Kirkwood, MO

Style: Baptiste Power Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in empowering my students to move beyond what they know.

Willow Ryan

Studio: Inner Elements Yoga

Style: Forrest Yoga

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Christine O'Donnell

Studio: Sukha Arts Center  Harrington Park NJ

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My practice is soulful and spontaneous-- influenced by the energy of my students, my music, and even the weather.  I teach because I love to move.  I love to inspire.  I love expanding…growing…learning.  Trying new things.  Putting myself out there.  I teach to evoke this passion in the world around me

Kristen O'Toole

Studio: Little Yoga House, Wantagh, NY

Style: Ashtanga

Teaching Philosophy: Practice, 24/7. Always practicing yoga, on and off the mat, guides what & how I share what I learn with my students.

Katia Grodecki

Studio: SOL Pilates and Yoga, Markham, Ontario

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My goal is to make everyone who walks into the studio feel welcome and cared for. I love to provide individual attention while focusing on careful alignment in all postures and emphasizing the importance of listening to our intuitive voice in everything we do, on and off the mat

Kristina Serna

Studio: Core Club LA  Eagle Rock

Style: Hatha Blend

Teaching Philosophy: As a student of yoga I am given the opportunity to learn about myself with compassionate awareness. As a yoga instructor and artist I believe in serving my community to freely explore their bodies with breath intelligence and awareness. I intend to open a sense of wild peace that resonates beyond the yoga mat. Spread Love by Shining in your Light and Dancing in your Shadow!

Tricia Ptak

Studio: Balance Mind Body Therapies
Plymouth, MI

Style: Vinyasa and yoga therapy

Teaching Philosophy: Each individual possesses within them the capacity to find their truth, strength and brilliance. By listening closely, we unfold this truth through our breath and bodies. Leading others to their light and self acceptance is my joy

Paula Paluch

Studio: Shanti Yoga and Fitness Rehoboth, MA

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is transformative; change your body, mind and soul!

Ame Cardelli

Studio: On Track Yoga Mount Holly, NC

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Dan Horowitz

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Go with the flow

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Emily Wilson

Studio: Lyons Yoga and Wellness, San Luis Obispo, CA

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching style is intended for those looking to find a challenge, connection, and renewed sense of well being.

Kat Robinson

Studio: Active Kat Yoga, Doniphan, MO

Style: Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is for everybody and every body. I am the only teacher for several miles so I have to be quite diverse. I believe in teaching the students that are in front of me at the time rather than stick to a certain format.

Lauren Peterson

Studio: MiraCosta College, Oceanside, CA

Style: Hatha and Stand UP Paddle Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: My objective as a yoga instructor is for my students to be able to feel safe and comfortable enough to let go of any drama or stress they might have had, the moment their souls/soles touch their mat...that my students leave my class with their mind body, and soul replenished and strengthened to take on the rest of their day or week.

Marcy Covert

Studio: Broad Street Yoga, Grove City, PA

Style: Ashtanga / Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is my lifestyle, my touchstone; sharing yoga is my dharma. We live in a culture that celebrates trends and change, and the practice of yoga has been a part of that evolution, which has brought many new people through the studio doors, and it love that!

Nicole D'Andrea

Studio: Garden State Yoga (Bloomfield, NJ)

Style: Vinyasa, Yoga Alignment

Teaching Philosophy: Vibrant, creative flow set to music that moves the soul. Careful attention to safe anatomical alignment. Encouragement to move from the heart in every way.

Debra O'Bryan

Studio: Joyful Breath Yoga, online yoga studio

Style: Enjoys all styles

Teaching Philosophy: I Believe in the power of One and that each of us can be the beginning of the change we want to see in the world.

Cazoshay Ward

Studio: Yoga By Divine Intervention Design (Anchorage, Alaska)

Style: Hatha, Christjan Style, & Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: As a teacher, I try to guide my students into opening their hearts and being in the present moment. Yoga is a way of life that carries over to social and environmental responsibility & consciousness, which is all incorporated into my teaching philosophy; all brought together with a little humor because I truly believe that laughter is a crucial and necessary part of life!

Annie Sicard

Studio: YMCA Mapleton Boulder, CO

Style: Ashtanga/ Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is the tool that enables us to access realms within ourselves that were previously unknown. By balancing body, breath, and movement we open the inner channels of the body uncovering a hidden treasure chest full of expanded awareness, inner strength, happiness, peace and Love!

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Jessica Amendola

Studio: Longwave Yoga, Wilmington, NC

Style: Heated Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that any time yoga is practiced, be it in a studio, on the beach or in your bedroom, it is a sacred space. I want my students to feel that they have entered that sacred space and feel that their asana practice is an offering. I strive to teach classes that are lighthearted and fun for my students, but also bring them closer to their higher self.

Kim Michelle

Studio: The Yoga Mat, Lake Zurich, IL

Style: Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: My motto in class is that yoga is like life - if we fall, we get right back up.

Chae Yang Bullock

Studio: Yoga Garden Philly

Style: Prana Flow (vinyasa), Anusara

Teaching Philosophy: To offer service towards empowerment by mirroring the practice on the mat with life, relationships and yogic philosophies. Often the classes, workshops and training sessions are led with linking alignment with heart theme.

Melissa DeVries

Studio: Be Fitness and Wellness Center, Delafield, WI

Style: Vinyasa

Michelle DeNicola

Studio: Fuel the Soul  Merrick, NY

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: When you take my class you can expect an energetic flow, it should be fun, not an ordeal. Cheat, skip things, take a break and just breathe . With my fun music mixes you are sure to get a class that will not only make you sweat, but make you feel safe, welcome and relaxed.

Marylou Webb

Studio: Karma Center, Springfield MO

Style: Vinyasa and Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: I teach with empathy, love, understanding, forgiveness and peace.

Steph Wall

Studio: Neumovement and Karma Yoga & Fitness Kelowna, CA

Style: Power Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: To pass on my knowledge of yoga to students so they can stoke the fire within oneself to live empowered and inspired.

Ling Beisecker

Studio: Yoga on the Ridge, Philadelphia, PA

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: My yoga philosophy is constantly changing and evolving because every day, every practice, every moment I change.

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Caitlin Taylor

Studio: SALT Yoga in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Style: Power Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that each student should greet their insecurities with compassion. It's important for my students to understand that every body is different and that comparison is both a thief and a liar :) I want students to understand that their practice will differ from day to day, and that any discrepancies or weaknesses they might find within are not to be judged, only witnessed. There is a light within us all, and yoga can help us discover that.

Claire Smith

Studio: Salt Yoga, Christies Beach, South Australia

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My classes come from the heart, bringing all kinds of bodies and minds into alignment and then sending them back into the world with sweat drying on their skin and a smile on their face.

Amelia Havanec

Studio: Barre Bee Fit, Ann Arbor, MI

Style: Ashtanga

Teaching Philosophy: You get what you put in. In yoga, your career, in relationships, and in life. You have to ask questions along the way. Be creative and challenge yourself, mentally and physically.

DiAnn Hopper

Studio: Hopper Yoga Texarkana , Texas

Style: Christian Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: We can always turn can't into can. If you can breathe and move your body you can do yoga.

Jennifer Sinclair

Studio: Jennifer Dawn Yoga (Home Studio) - Murrieta

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is to keep things light hearted and fun. You have to learn to let go and not to take things so seriously. Play.

Angela Hernandez

Studio: Lotus Living Arts Concord, NC

Style:  Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is for everyone! It is a practice that can bring peace and calm to your life. As a teacher,I hope to share with my students the beauty of the practice and the benefits it has brought into my life. Yoga brings grounding and an opportunity to try new things. Yoga starts on the mat and permeates into your life.

Sara Lynn Antrim

Studio: The Yoga Mat, Lake Zurich, IL

Style: Yin Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: Peace of mind and body, acceptance, & gratitude are included in my class lessons -- a concept which seems to be disappearing in the modern fitness-based yoga world. I teach yoga to help people take control of the power to heal themselves -- outside and in -- in their daily life. I spread the love & healing power of yoga anywhere, any time, to anyone! In my free time, I practice "grass yoga" -- freestyle yoga outdoors wherever it calls my name!

TJ Mokkosian

Studio: Drive Yoga Studio Methuen, MA

Style: to practice ashtanga, to teach Vinyasa, restorative

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching at its very core is one rooted in my heart, and in love

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Angela Gattin

Studio: Yoga for the Road   Benton, Arkansas

Style: Iyengar

Teaching Philosophy: I offer a slower, more attentive pace that is process-oriented rather than goal-oriented, with an interest in making your practice fulfilling rather than making your practice perfect.

Cody Gless

Studio: Spirit Yoga Studios, Surfside Yoga With Cody

Style: Vinyasa, restorative, yin, Ashtanga

Teaching Philosophy: All of my classes are donation based, as my intention is to make yoga available to anyone who wishes to practice.

Dianne Bondy

Studio: Ontario, Canada

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is in all of us and is for all of us. Your size, culture, gender or ability should not determine your self-worth. Everyone deserves to be included in yoga. Yoga for all!

Jordan Mallah

Studio: Life Aligned Studio, Tribeca NYC

Style: Life Aligned

Teaching Philosophy: YOUR LIFE ALIGNED is a philosophy, therapy and ever-evolving goal integrating all the elements of physical, spiritual, nutritional and purposeful living. Jordan methodically applies postural alignment and therapeutic biomechanics to provide the physical and spiritual foundation for this broader life-enhancing and ultimately life-changing approach.

Lisa Bermudez

Studio: Yogamaya New York NYC, Stanton Street Yoga NYC, Yoga On The Rocks NYC

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is a doorway and a pathway that helps us deal with the issues we face both within ourselves and in the world around us. It's a chance to realize that everything we need is inside of us: motivation, comfort, energy, etc. My goal as a teacher is to help students realize that they hold the answers to their own questions and that everything we seek is within us in some way, shape or form. I also encourage fun, laughter, and new ways into some of the harder poses (I LOVE making the seemingly difficult become accessible!)

Angelina Manzella

Studio: Spirit Yoga Studios, San Diego, CA

Style: Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Teaching Philosophy: To help people shed the vail that they have built around their true selves. To become more aware of environment and others. More importantly themselves. Allowing all of us to connect on the deepest level of our true nature. Keeping the practice on the lighter side as in allowing students to humor themselves and just enjoy the journey.

Patsy Springer

Studio: Flow Yoga, Cedar Park TX and Bridal Zen

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is to share what I love and how I have grown in my practice. Come back to the breath, and let's not take ourselves too seriously- giggle. You are unique, and your practice is a personal expression of who you are today.

Polia Stantcheva "Ms. Sunshine"

Studio: NYSC New York City

Style: Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Yoga Nidra

Teaching Philosophy: I am proving that yoga is really therapy and science for longevity.
It's not about how many things you acquire, it's about how many people you inspire

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Stacey Shanks

Studio: Tri-State Yoga Studio Evansville, IN

Style: Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: My yoga philosophy is about practice on and off the mat. I believe that yoga is so much more than the asanas. I want to make yoga accessible to more people and share yogic philosophy whenever I can. It's not about having the perfect yoga body, doing the most challenging pose or eating a certain way, it's about asking and searching for the answers to some of life's most important questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? How can we serve?

Demetra Szatkowski

Studio: Balance Yoga, Forty-Fort, PA

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I teach yoga because it makes me happy. I love showing people the things their bodies are capable of doing, and I love seeing how much better they feel after class. I love connecting with other people. Yoga has helped me so much, and it means a lot to me to be a part of the way it helps other people. Self-acceptance is also huge for me and is a main part of my classes.

Marti Ewing

Studio: Marti Ewing Yoga Therapy, Houston, Texas

Style: Ha-Tha

Teaching Philosophy: Anyone can do yoga and benefit. My practice recognizes that not every pose is for every BODY- I teach those with limitations not to be defined by their condition but to be empowered through Yoga and Yoga therapy.

Danae Robinett

Studio: San Francisco

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: In teaching, my intention is that students experience a joy with each practice as they discover how much stronger they are than perhaps what they may previously have thought. Yoga is not about struggling, rather it is all about expressing the vast potential that is within all of us just begging to be revealed, trust this potential and radiate your light out into the world!

Yogini Tiff (Tiffany Gore)

Studio: Azores, Portugal

Style: Slow Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: My classes are slow, fluid, and dance like.  Coordinating mindful movement with the breath, and often to the music of Vaisnava. I see myself as a 'Yoga Guide' and I encourage my students to balance 'effort with ease'. There is healing magic in each breath. 

Rhia Cataldo

Studio: Power Yoga Of Cape Cod (Cape Cod, MA) Maui Yoga Shala (Paia Maui ) Bhakti Yoga Shala (Santa Monica, CA)

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is a time to release the layers which keep me separate and run by ego. Yoga is a time for me to fit in my body, feel prana pulsing through me. I give thanks, with each asana, each breath, as my prayer. I invite you to join me on this path together of returning to ourselves. Journeying with love always, Life is a gift, lets celebrate!

Ashleigh Friesen Wolfe

Studio:Soul Remedies

Style: Yin/ Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: It is important to me to share my passion for yoga for everyone. I know it can be challenging and hard for people to understand that EVERYONE can do yoga. It is important for me that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin no matter what.

Justine Bacon

Studio: Philly Yoga Factory

Style: Hot Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Have fun.
Be safe.
Learn and keep learning, never stop.
Be present. Be myself. Keep it simple.  Keep it real.
Switch it up.
Play AMAZING music.
Give feedback. Encourage growth.
Make mistakes and FLOURISH.
Love, Laugh, Breathe.

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Carah Ronana

Studio: Urban Yoga Fort Worth Texas

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: evolve : take a deep breath and leap.

Sara Scharton

Studio: Spirit Yoga studios San Diego ca

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: It is my goal to help others get to the next level in their practice, by reminding them that they are capable of anything. I am also passionate about Introducing yoga to non-practitioners in order to share my love of the practice and to have the opportunity to watch them grow as a result.

Shantelle Abshire

Studio: Anelas

Style: Bapiste Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: My intention is to help people find new possibilities, while creating a safe environment for all.  Together we reach a healthy, happy and whole community! While meeting people where they are, I am able to create a practice that meets each persons needs!  

Kristin Page

Studio: Verge Yoga Studio

Style: Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that there is a natural rhythm and intelligence in our bodies, minds and hearts that gets clouded and disconnected by the busy-ness of our daily lives. Mindfully matching our breath with our movement becomes a divine dance that bring us back to a connected state of union. It bring us back home, again and again and again.

Jessica Seiber

Studio: Prima Yoga Pittsburgh, PA

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching philosophy: I am empowered by the light yoga shines in each and every moment of my life. I strive to bring the joy of yoga in my life into my students' lives both in and out of the hot room. Opening student's eyes to find their internal happiness, health and love is beautiful.

Maureen Miller

Studio:  Living Yoga, Concord, NH

Style: Vinyasa, Chakra, Restorative

Teaching philosophy: Yoga – Practicing on & off the Mat:  Find Balance, Trust Your Intuition, Go with the Flow and Discover What Feeds Your Soul

Meredith Cameron

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching philosophy: Yoga is not about if you can contortion yourself into a particular pose. It is about allowing the poses to teach you to navigate your own body, to listen to your own body, and for understanding and empowering yourself. I am an advocate for the spaces in-between. What happens to you in-between down dog and plank? Honor the pause, both on and off of the mat.


Studio: Henderson Aikido

Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative

Teaching Philosophy: One of my teachers told me, "a flexible person does not a yogi make." This is how I run every class, everyone can do yoga. I take the same concept and use it in every aspect of my teaching, sometimes we just need to modify and build the practice. From yoga, running and martial arts; every one can do it we just need to work together to make your experience successful and beneficial.

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Amy Jean Pastore

Style: Vinyasa and Iflow (creator)

Teaching Philosophy: iflow encourages you to mix and blend a yoga practice that you enjoy, one which is a reflection of your own unique Divine Self.

Lauren Matthies

Studio: Vinyasa

Style: Reveille, Riverside, CA

Teaching Philosophy: I opened my own studio because I wanted to reach people on a deeper level. I didn't want to just operate under others' philosophies, but I wanted to create a place that was exactly what I wanted. What I am most proud of about what I have created is the community and family atmosphere that I have fostered in my studio. My teaching philosophy goes beyond just teaching a class and permeates into all of my interactions with my clients. I want to create a safe and warm place where people can challenge themselves and push past what they thought was possible. I believe in making people feel valued and cared for and seek to help them become the best versions of themselves while realizing that they are capable of much more than they ever knew.


Studio: Yogiada Studio

Style: Fusion

Teaching Philosophy: I believe that all physical ailments have an emotional root cause and that yoga is a wonderful path to develop strength, flexibility and self-awareness in body and mind through discipline and mindful practise. It is a joy to support and witness this journey unfolding in those I work with.

Irina Nordstrom

Studio: Soula Grove Yoga - Paso Robles, CA

Style: Hatha

Teaching Philosophy: I believe life is a personal journey and my goal is to encourage growth and understanding of the self through yoga, where students can create a vision, discover their own sense of spirituality and find a holistic balance in their everyday lives. I am as much a student as I am a teacher, embracing the process all along the way. We should all take a moment, close our eyes and just breathe.

Jodi Nash

Studio: Hot Vinyasa

Style: Life power yoga, Lawrenceville GA

Teaching Philosophy: I love to inspire yogis to breath deeply, inhaling love, exhaling peace. Building strength and power inside their bodies, and calmness and connectedness on the outside. I encourage students to enjoy every moment of the journey and not get too caught up in worrying if they are doing the exact posture, but moving organically and honoring their bodies.

Hania Khuri-Trapper

Studios:  Universal Power Yoga is in Norwood, Massachusetts and Open Doors Westwood, MA

Teaching Philosophy: Having always appreciated the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, I began my own serious practice after having two children and starting my own business. Yoga allowed me to really connect with my center and gain focus throughout the demands of my life. As a graduate of the Open Doors 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training Program and Reiki Level One, I am thankful to all of my teachers and mentors over the years (including my children who have taught me the most). Teaching not only allows me to deepen my own practice, but to share the joy that comes with finding one’s truer self with others. I fully believe that every person could benefit from a yoga practice. And I feel so very grateful to be able to share the gift of yoga with others.

Marisa Gitchel

Studio: Vinyasa

Style: Shore Yoga (Newport Beach, CA)

Teaching Philosophy: I am drawn to vinyasa for many reasons, but am continuously inspired by the balance of power and grace. My style tends to be more grounding and restorative but I still love to get everyone's heart rates up. Most important to be is comfort and safety in all areas - the body, the mind, and the heart. I want every student to feel supported and successful.

Kelly McGill

Studio: Heated Vinyasa

Style: Balance Health and Wellness, Philadelphia PA

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga brings us closer to ourselves...helps us understand what is important and that we can find the greatest joy within ourselves. I try my best to teach a fun, lighthearted class, where we can come back to our breath and connect to our higher self.

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Chelsea Harms

Studio: Soul Blessed Yoga, Rincon & La Parguera, PR

Style: Power Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is for everyone - this is what I love most about the practice. Come as you are, live in the present and be content with what you have. Practice this on your mat, and live this off your mat.

Eva Boccio

Studio: Absolute Yoga, Woodbury, NY

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I believe yoga can be practiced by all. Arm balances, inversions and yoga in bikinis on surf boards are not necessary for internal bliss. The yoga world has become exploited and people are afraid to try yoga because of the media's portrayal. I seek to bring yoga to all and show them that there are many different types, reminding them that asana is only one limb of the practice.

Lauralynn Jansen

Oahu, Hawaii

Style: Blend of hatha with focus on Anusara principles

Teaching Philosophy: Sustainabililty. Everyone I work with my aim is to have them become sustainable in their own practice so they feel confident and empowered through their whole being.

Lisa Peters

Studio: Soul Remedies, Grande Prairie

Style: Fluid Power

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga offers benefits from the inside out. It has helped me manage my anxiety and feel more confident. I want to help students find their own practice and benefits.

Malorie Tillero

Studio: Samatahiti, A Place for Adrenaline Junkies

Style: Power Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is, I believe everyone could do yoga all ages and levels are welcome , yoga has change my life i am doing poses that i never thought i could do , i love to share share this to my students it doesn't matter your weight or age is never to late to practice yoga.

Sarah Fitzgerald

Studio: 4025 Yoga and Wellness, Richmond, VA

Style: Vinyasa, Integral, Restoratives

Teaching Philosophy: I try to spread the joy and love of yoga to as many people as will let me. I'm strongly about bringing the practice to meet people where they are and uncovering the illusion that we have to already be what yoga tries to teach us. I like to tell my students "We practice SO that we can, not because we can."

Allison Bergson

Studio: Pulse Power Yoga, Sacramento, CA

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: We control our breath and we control our thoughts. Teaching yoga, is giving students power over their breath and the ability to reflect over the way they chose to perceive their experience on the yoga mat. The way we choose to perceive our experience on and off the mat is directly connected to our breath. We are all capable of changing our thought patterns if we are willing to make a conscious decision to do so.

Jessi Andricks

Studio: The Yoga Loft of Summerville, Summerville SC

Style: Power Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: In my classes I try to empower students to shed their ideas of their limitations, feel with their bodies, challenge themselves, and tap into the energy that resides within them. My goal is to help everyone live the happy, healthy life they deserve.

Ami Adamski

Studio: Advanced Holistic Health Southgate, MI

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Healing happens through connection with the deepest part of who we are. I incorporate fun and smiles into each class. Through assisted yoga postures, guided breathing, and non directive dialogue I give students the opportunity to experience a connection to their physical and emotional selves. Often times, creating a release, personal growth, awareness, and deep healing. I feel we are living our lives through our yoga practice. Our attitudes on our mats often match our attitude in everyday life. In many of my classes we push to our physical edge by nurturing where we are in the moment.

Anne Wong

Studio: Semperviva Yoga  Vancouver, BC

Style: Beginner’s Mind – Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Yin

Teaching Philosophy: Yoga is to unite, to come together. My teaching emphasizes movements through breaths, energetic and yet grounding.  It is about having fun and staying true to self.  Through every step, we are keeping the integrity of the practice and discovering our true lights within.

Kaitlin Morris

Studio: Good Ground Yoga

Style: Forrest Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: I believe in evidence-- I want scientific, measurable proof that yoga is working to improve the body, mind, and soul. I was skeptical when I began practicing 10 years ago, but almost immediately I noticed tangible benefits that have just kept flowing into my life over the past decade. I believe in humor, in celebrating everybody's abilities and gifts, and in finding one's authentic self to live life fully.

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Meryl Spurlin

Studio: Day Yoga Studio Dayton, Ohio

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: My personal teaching philosophy is that anyone and everyone should and can practice yoga. It is such an incredible way to connect your mind, body, and soul. Yoga helps everyone connect to the deepest darkest corners of themselves and continually transforms their lives.

Tessa Buon Viso

Studio: Namastess Yoga Studio, Brussels, Belgium

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Don't limit yoga to an activity on your mat, let it be your mindset.

Autumn Bendetti

Studio: Ananda Yoga Hadley MA

Style: Vinyasa/ Partner Yoga

Teaching Philosophy: My inspiration to practice and teach stems from the continued inspiration, growth and inner-wisdom involved  I focus on integrating breath with movement and empowering each practitioner's organic & spontaneous flow to unfold.  Yoga is for every-body, as long as you are breathing, you are doing it right!

Jacqui Shive

Teaching Philosophy: I often tell my students that Yoga can be sincere and profound but it doesn't have to be somber.  There are times that invite us to explore our deepest thoughts and then there are times for child-like laughter and sometimes those times are one in the same.

Beverly Sasagawa Palar

Studio: Suryalilia Retreat Centre, Spain

Style: Vinyasa and restorative

Teaching philosophy: I believe that everyone is a teacher. Everyone has their own story, path, lessons learned and something that makes their heart beat faster and eyes shine.

Jessica Lubin

Studio: Good Karma Studio Albany, NY

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: Remain Open I tell all my students...Yoga is for everyone and Everyone starts somewhere! It's not always about what the posture "should" look like, focus instead on how the pose FEELS to you and your body. Everybody is different & what's right for one person's body may not be right for another. Honor your body and its limitations. Keep in mind that yoga is a practice, a personal practice, that is constantly evolving & expanding if you allow it to. Remember this motto: "Much practice brings progress" Hari Aum Tat Sat


Katie Chamberlain Kritikos

Studio: Katydid Yoga Chicago, Illinois

Teaching Philosophy: Katie is a yogini, writer, and jewelry designer living in Chicago’s West Loop.  A former attorney with experience as a solo practitioner and tax litigator, she is now a yoga entrepreneur cultivating a creative, fulfilling career empowering students to live healthy, meaningful lives.  When she’s not writing, reading, or practicing handstands, Katie enjoys studying French and German, taking long walks with her husband, and sampling craft beer. 

Natalie Snyder

Studio: Zen Yoga Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Style: Vinyasa

Teaching Philosophy: I love slow movements, connecting breath and awareness with the entire body and mind. I'm a true believer that salt is a natural medicine, so I love to bring the tropics to you and influence a hot and sweaty, detoxifying atmosphere. When teaching in the tropics, it's important to focus on keeping the heat & that personal light lit, so a constant reminder in my classes is important in order to keep the inspiration present.

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Stephanie Gupana

Style: Ashtanga

Teaching Philosophy: For my asana classes (private and corporate), I teach an all-levels class accessible to everyone that decides to practice. It's very humbling for me to teach this way since I enjoy very challenging personal practice. But, the reality is, not everyone wants to do arm balances or inversions and some students just want a place to come into their bodies and breathe. I'm honored to provide that for them. For my weekly meditation classes, I tell my students before we start the session that this is a safe space of no judgement and a place where we can use the energy from others to find the voice within us that uses no words. I serve my students by doing my absolute best to connect with on a very basic human level; understanding that I am there to serve them and help them find peace on their mat.

Yogi Ambassador


The Jade Yogi Ambassador level is designed for the person who practices yoga, but doesn't teach professionally. Whether you do yoga twice a day or once a month, we are interested in your thoughts and happy to have you on board.

Yogi Ambassador Requirements

  • Practice yoga
  • Believe in Jade's mission to make eco-friendly yoga products and give back to the earth with every product
  • Use Jade products
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  • Occasional surprises

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Pro Ambassador

The Jade Pro Ambassador level is designed for yoga teachers who teach yoga professionally and regularly. We know that good teachers are why yoga has become so popular today and are needed to keep our community strong. We are looking for teachers who are still learning and who recognize that you are not just teaching yoga but you are teaching students.

Pro Ambassador Requirements

  • Practice yoga
  • Believe in Jade's mission to make eco-friendly yoga products and give back to the earth with every product
  • Use Jade products
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  • Provide name, address, email address and facebook, twitter and instagram handles
  • Share your love of Jade with your friends through your social media network at least twice/year
  • Teach in regularly scheduled classes or own, manage or work in a yoga studio for remuneration
  • Submit photo with your Jade mat for website and/or 10-60 second video with your Jade mat to be posted on Jade's Youtube channel in which you state your name, where you teach, what you are passionate about and what kind of mat you use
  • Provide release to use video

Pro Ambassador Benefits

  • Opportunity to provide new input on new products
  • Be among the first people to be notified about new products
  • Be listed as an Ambassador on the JadeYoga website with photo (and maybe video) with up to a 50 word message and link to cause that is important to you
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